fat brain toys new logo
New Project

Collaborating on the new Fat Brain Toys Logo

Fat Brain Toys came to us late last year after working internally on a new logo with the only outcome frustration and divided consensus. Their internal design team had hit the wall and they just needed some professional help and an outside perspective. Sometimes the best thing to do when you are working on a project, and get stuck, is to get another perspective. We met with them several times to really listen and gather all of their thoughts and vision for the new logo. The previous logo was created in 2004 and hadn’t been updated or touched since due to growth of the business, new physical stores and other distractions that happen when owning a business.

After our meetings, we came back to our office and designed our own take on what they needed. We presented several rounds of logo options and through the process came back to a version that was similar to what they had designed in-house, but was then taken in a new, fresh direction that was different and ownable for Fat Brain Toys going forward. It was a unique collaboration that isn’t our normal process, but we couldn’t resist helping such a great local business.

Below is an article on the Fat Brain Toys blog about the logo process from their perspective.
A Logo Resolution for the New Year