logolounge book 10 winner

Webster Logos Included in LogoLounge Book 10

We are proud to have nine logos selected to be included in the most recent installment of the LogoLounge Book series. For this 10th edition, more than 37,000 logos were submitted, making this the largest logo design competition ever. Out of the 37,000 submissions, only 2,500 logos were selected by the distinguished panel of judges. LogoLounge is a research and networking tool for graphic designers who create corporate identities, or logos. LogoLounge Book 10 celebrates the latest in expert identity work by notable designers and up-and-coming talents from around the world. This far-reaching collection offers inspiration, insight, and an indispensable reference tool for graphic designers and their clients.

New Project

Webster designs Union Pacific Golden Spike website

Union Pacific chose Webster to create a website commemorating the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike in Promontory Summit, UT. Through stories, images and events in communities along the route of the Transcontinental Railroad, we built an engaging and educational experience that can be viewed and shared on any device by a wide-ranging audience.

The primary directive from Union Pacific was to keep a focus on the communities, while also conveying a sense of the scale, distance travelled (1775 miles) and heated competition between the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads.

By visually building the track’s progress while a visitor scrolls through the community stories and overlaying it on a custom vector map, precisely rendered in real-time, we simultaneously communicated the intense competition and the scale of this monumental undertaking without requiring visitors to suffer through a lengthy “loading” screen. We went a step further and created a fun locomotive in motion GIF to further reduce the visitors’ perception of loading time.

Anyone can share information about their community using the unique community profile. The potential of this website for students and researchers is amplified through a full reference-style instant search that makes finding locations, dates, and important figures easy. The website will permanently reside on UP.com after the 150th Anniversary celebration and related events have passed.


chef boyardee news

Chef Boyardee spotted on Highway 15

As part of an over-all signage initiative for Conagra Brands, we recommended commissioning a bronze statue of Chef Boyardee to serve as the welcoming face for their former world headquarters in Omaha. We think it’s safe to say the Chef has been doing a great job in Omaha, posing for photo ops from visitors and the press alike. What many people in these parts don’t know is the Chef has a twin (he’s actually a clone) in Milton, Pennsylvania, at the plant that makes Chef Boyardee. The Editors of American Road magazine decided to help right the wrong by publishing his story on a two-page spread in their Spring 2017 issue, part of a feature of 15 worthy stops along US Highway 15. We don’t like to brag, but you might say we helped American Road put Milton on the map.

Photo caption, top right: Anna Boiardi, Chef Boyardee’s grand niece traveled to Omaha to commemorate the Statue’s installation. Talk about a big idea—the Giant Chef Boyardee can pictured here was opened to reveal the completed statue.

Photo caption, bottom right: Nationally renowned sculptor, John Lajba, at the Omaha commemoration ceremony.

Boston Properties 2016 Annual Report
New Project

Boston Properties 2016 Annual Report

Boston Properties, a real estate investment trust (REIT) headquartered in – you guessed it – Boston, MA, is one of the largest owners, managers and developers of first-class office properties in the United States, with significant presence in five markets: Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC. The cover is a celebration of the new Boston Properties (BXP) logo. If you happen to find yourself in Boston, make sure to stop by the Prudential Center. It’s not only home to Boston Properties, but exciting new retail spaces like the Under Armour Brand House and Eataly.

Green Plains 2016 Annual Report
New Project

Green Plains 2016 Annual Report

Green Plains is one of the fastest-growing companies in the region, currently in the Fortune 1,000 with a bullet. They are experts at buying and selling commodities, as well as turning corn into food, feed and fuel. They are smart, innovative, hardworking people and we couldn’t be happier to be working with them. This featured piece of work is their 2016 annual report, with blind-embossed food, feed and fuel icons. There is a lot of exciting stuff going on at Green Plains, so be on the lookout for more great work from the Green Plains + Webster team.

fat brain toys new logo
New Project

Collaborating on the new Fat Brain Toys Logo

Fat Brain Toys came to us late last year after working internally on a new logo with the only outcome frustration and divided consensus. Their internal design team had hit the wall and they just needed some professional help and an outside perspective. Sometimes the best thing to do when you are working on a project, and get stuck, is to get another perspective. We met with them several times to really listen and gather all of their thoughts and vision for the new logo. The previous logo was created in 2004 and hadn’t been updated or touched since due to growth of the business, new physical stores and other distractions that happen when owning a business.

After our meetings, we came back to our office and designed our own take on what they needed. We presented several rounds of logo options and through the process came back to a version that was similar to what they had designed in-house, but was then taken in a new, fresh direction that was different and ownable for Fat Brain Toys going forward. It was a unique collaboration that isn’t our normal process, but we couldn’t resist helping such a great local business.

Below is an article on the Fat Brain Toys blog about the logo process from their perspective.
A Logo Resolution for the New Year

Croppings of the calendar illustrations
New Project

2017 Field Paper Calendar

Webster was honored to design and illustrate the Field Paper Company 2017 calendar. Every year Field uses the calendar as a promotional piece for printers and designers to remind them of the commitment Field makes to the printing, design and advertising community of Iowa and Nebraska. The 2017 theme is “At Your Service,” which speaks to the hands-on approach Field takes with its clients. No robots. No answering services. No flak. Just good-old, down-home customer service. When you call, you get a person that knows your account and listens to what you need. If you want a copy, you better call Megan Rold at Field Paper today.

Graphis 2017 Design Annual

Webster brings home Graphis Gold. And Silvers.

Webster is pleased to announce we received a gold and three silver awards from international design publication Graphis. The award-winning work will be featured in the 2017 Graphis Design Annual. Graphis awarded gold for a logo we designed for Turner Network’s cable television channel TBS. The logo also received silver ADDY awards at the Nebraska and District 9 Regional awards for the American Advertising Federation.
Silver Graphis awards went to work completed for Coalition Rx, the American Advertising Federation of Omaha and a series of cards featuring Omaha landmarks.

Omaha Human Rights and Relations Department Logo, Billboard and Brochure
New Project

Omaha City Government Taps Webster to Tout Fairness

In an effort to promote both their everyday anti-discrimination duties along with National Fair Housing Month, the City of Omaha Human Rights & Relations Department wanted to give their materials a bit less of, shall we say, an institutional look. We obliged with a new departmental logo and letterhead package, revised services collateral, and a mini outdoor campaign. None of which are in any way middling.

View the work

New Project

Webster Gives an Omaha Favorite a Digital Overhaul

When Upstream Brewing Company opened its first location in Omaha’s Old Market in 1996, it was the city’s only brewpub. Twenty years and a West O location later, Upstream had successfully remained a cornerstone of the area’s dining & drinking scene. It had also remained resolutely planted in the digital landscape of the mid-aughts with a site that was no longer up to current usability, functionality or tonality standards. So we redid it. A new look, a sharpened tone of voice, built-in responsiveness and a lack of forced PDF menu downloading now combine to make Upstream’s digital living space as welcoming as their dining rooms.

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National Addys - Ad Wars Poster

Webster Tastes Victory at National Advertising Awards

The industry establishment has once again smiled upon us. Our poster for the American Advertising Federation Omaha’s 2015 Ad Wars event has been awarded a Silver by the National Addy Advertising Awards. This piece was one of two from Nebraska to be bestowed and/or bequeathed such an honor. We look forward to (hopefully) celebrating a similar-if-possibly-more-golden award for the sequel to this poster promoting the 2016 Ad Wars, which was once again designed by Sean Heisler and written by Jason Fox.

2016 American Advertising Awards

Nebraska Addy Awards Rain Silver and Gold Upon Webster

This past Saturday, at the 2015-16 American Advertising Awards-Nebraska Show (and banquet!), three judges who usually look down upon our fair land from 30,000 feet awarded Webster with the following, um, awards:

  • Gold (x2) – WebsterDesign.com website
  • Gold – AAF Omaha Poster Series: AdWars
  • Silver – TBS Logo; AAF Omaha Poster Series: Miniature Golf, Bowling, Boom! Roasted

Cue Burl Ives.

Carlson & Burnett Clete Blakeman Motion Graphics

Webster Animates the #HotRef of Super Bowl 50

To most of the world, Clete Blakeman is the NFL referee who shot to fame earlier this week leading the officiating crew for Super Bowl 50. A former college football player at the University of Nebraska, Clete has always taken good care of himself – a fact that did not go unnoticed in the Twitterverse, where the hashtag #hotref quickly took off after Clete led the coin toss. But to us, he is a friend and client. An attorney at Carlson & Burnett, Clete was featured in one of our animated spots for the firm. In retrospect, we should have made his animated doppelgänger more hunky. Sorry.

Coalition on Human Trafficking City Press Conference
New Project, Non-profit

Webster Helps Fight Human Trafficking

The Coalition on Human Trafficking is a new non-profit organization dedicated to ending sex trafficking in the Omaha area. Working on behalf of the AAF Omaha and in collaboration with Angel Carl Marketing, we designed the CoHT’s logo, brand look and feel, and other creative assets (the official website is still in development). The work was revealed to the public at a press conference earlier today (January 27, 2016) featuring CoHT leadership, the mayor of Omaha, the city’s police chief, and members of the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force. We hope what we believe is some very good design work will help in the fight against some very evil activities.

View the work

AIGA The Show Winners

Webster Snags Six – Including Top Honors – at 2015 AIGA Nebraska Show

The 24th Annual AIGA Nebraska Show Exhibit took place this past Saturday evening (November 14), and Webster walked away with some impressive honors:

  • Judge’s Choice: Tall Tales of Tiny Greatness Poster for AAFO
  • Gold: Tall Tales of Tiny Greatness Poster for AAFO
  • Gold: Winter Wonderizer Self-Promo for Webster
  • Gold: Nebraska City Identity for Nebraska City Tourism and Commerce
  • Silver: Kimmel U Pick Banners for Kimmel Orchard
  • Silver: Field Paper Show Invite for Field Paper

 A Judge’s Choice award is bestowed by each of the three show judges and is similar to Best in Show (the award, not the outstanding Christopher Guest film). Congrats to our fellow honorees, and we look forward to celebrating great, Nebraska-created design again next year.