Assorted package design for Gilden Tree Products

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Gilden Tree

Kumy and Ann Thariani started Gilden Tree in 1990 (you can find their empowering origin story here). After a decently successful first decade in business, they decided a brand and packaging refresh was in order and came to us for help. The new logo and package designs rolled out in the spring of 2002, and gave Gilden Tree a look and feel that was at once more polished and spa-like, yet still earthy. (And while we can’t claim to have launched the “apothecary look” craze that swept the industry in the years to come, this work did precede it.)

The work was an immediate hit, with the Gilden Tree sales force reporting that the new look made it much easier to sell the product line into hotels, spas and specialty stores. Of course, the fact that the designs are still in use today may be the ultimate compliment.

Gilden Tree Logo
Assorted package design for Gilden Tree Products
Gilden Tree Body Lotion bottle close-up
Label for Gilden Tree Foot Scrubber
Package design for a Gilden Tree Robe