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Barnhart Press

Founded in the late 19th century, Barnhart press has undergone its share of identities in its decades-long existence. To create a brand identity that could extend well into the future, we melded a contemporary look based on classic printing motifs. For example, the “b” and “p” recall plate-to-print methods, while the corporate colors are the Cyan and blacK of CMYK fame. The good folks at Graphis found this work particularly intriguing.

barnhart press logo
barnhart press business card
barnhart press pocket folder
barnhart press ad
barnhart press delivery van
barnhart press exterior window graphics
barnhart press window graphics montage

Being a printer, Barnhart continuously needs to prove and re-prove the impact that the printed page still possesses. So, over the years we've designed multiple pieces that help them do just that. These pieces were also designed to win multiple awards. Which they did.

barnhart press raygun calendar cover
barnhart press raygun calendar stickers
barnhart press button calendar cover close-up