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Chef Boyardee spotted on Highway 15

As part of an over-all signage initiative for Conagra Brands, we recommended commissioning a bronze statue of Chef Boyardee to serve as the welcoming face for their former world headquarters in Omaha. We think it’s safe to say the Chef has been doing a great job in Omaha, posing for photo ops from visitors and the press alike. What many people in these parts don’t know is the Chef has a twin (he’s actually a clone) in Milton, Pennsylvania, at the plant that makes Chef Boyardee. The Editors of American Road magazine decided to help right the wrong by publishing his story on a two-page spread in their Spring 2017 issue, part of a feature of 15 worthy stops along US Highway 15. We don’t like to brag, but you might say we helped American Road put Milton on the map.

Photo caption, top right: Anna Boiardi, Chef Boyardee’s grand niece traveled to Omaha to commemorate the Statue’s installation. Talk about a big idea—the Giant Chef Boyardee can pictured here was opened to reveal the completed statue.

Photo caption, bottom right: Nationally renowned sculptor, John Lajba, at the Omaha commemoration ceremony.

Barnhart Press entry graphics

Giving an Historic Building a Modern Touch

For decades, Barnhart Press has occupied an historic building on Farnam Street in Omaha. Recently, they asked us to help them update their – for lack of a better phrase – curb appeal. We replaced their old-school (as in Cooper Black) entryway address lettering with a contemporary font and accent graphics. A few feet further down the facade, we added a multi-pane window graphic that speaks to Barnhart’s expertise while keeping passersby from sneaking a peek at the company’s front office operations.